Graduate Profile: Trey Egan, MTS


My name is Trey Egan. I have been married to my wife and helpmeet, Rebecca for seventeen years. We live in Columbia, SC and have been blessed to be members of Covenant Baptist Church in West Columbia, SC for four years, where I serve as a deacon.

My childhood was a happy one, as I was raised by loving parents and often got together with extended family. It wasn’t until I grew older that I realized something was very wrong. I was raised in the false Roman Catholic religion. I went through all of the appropriate ceremonies: baptism, first holy communion and confirmation. I knew about God, but I did not know God personally. I was a faithful Roman Catholic until age twenty-one, when I purposefully broke away from that religion, no longer desiring to be part of it, but neither wanting to be a nominal Roman Catholic.

Convinced of my own perceived goodness, I spent the next eight years living in the most worldly ways imaginable, further dishonoring my Creator. By God’s grace, I discovered an online Christian chat group. One of the leaders in that group witnessed to me leading me down the “Romans Road” as I followed along in my Douay-Rheims Bible. The Lord graciously convicted me of my sin and need for a Savior in Jesus Christ, granted me repentance and saved me at that time.

I became involved with a Southern Baptist Church, which the Lord used to grow me in the knowledge of His Word, and allowed me godly relationships with other brothers and sisters. I became involved in the music ministry, which God used to bring me to another church where I met my future wife. About a year after we married, as we continued to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Pet 3:18), I knew we could no longer attend the purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive church where we met. After visiting several churches, the Lord allowed us to find a church where we recognized that His Word was clearly exalted, and its worship services sought to honor God, not man. It was also there where we were first exposed to Reformed theology. The Lord greatly used that preaching among that body of believers. It was during that time that I desired to study at a Reformed seminary to help me “contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). I completed two courses at another seminary before putting those plans on hold for 12 years due to a variety of circumstances.

In 2017, the Lord opened a door to continue seminary studies. As I considered the best way to proceed, I was pleased to learn about RBS. No longer did distance learning materials consist of thick binders and cassette recordings of lectures. The RBS online campus was a great way to access class materials from anywhere. More importantly, the course materials for all of the Systematic Theology courses I completed are excellent. The experience of the pastors who produced the course lectures was so apparent. I learned much through these studies, and look forward to reviewing the class materials in the future. Dr. Robert Gonzales and Mr. Kyle Davis were very helpful in guiding me through my studies, and my dear wife was so supportive as I spent evenings and weekends working through course requirements.

I am very thankful for my experience at RBS and pray that the Lord would continue to raise up men as ministers through its programs. There has never been a greater need for a clear proclamation of the gospel, and RBS plays a vital part in training a new generation to continue the work of ministry in an increasingly secular world.

In Christ Alone,
Trey Egan