Student's Progress Report

Near or at the end of every semester, the student must complete the student progress report. This helps the seminary dean track student progress. The student should also share this report with his mentor. 

mentor's progress report

Near or at the end of each semester, the student's mentor must complete the mentor's progress report. This helps inform the seminary of the ongoing discipleship between mentor and student and of the mentor's perception of the student's growth in grace, knowledge, and ministry gift.  

Course Extension Requests

Student’s may apply for one course extension for each course they are unable to complete by the end of a semester. Requests must be submitted on or before the last day of the semester (see Academic Calendar here). Please see our fees page to understand fees you will incur if granted an extension. Approval of a course extension obligates the student to pay both the extension fee (per course) and the semester enrollment fee for the next semester, even if only to complete the course for which an extension is being approved. Extension fees and semester enrollment fees must be paid within 15 days (invoiced in Populi) or the extension will be revoked. For each course extension that is approved, the student will receive an “I” (incomplete) until the course is completed, at which point the transcript will be updated. Only one extension may be approved for each course, giving the student no more than one additional semester (maximum) to complete the course. Please complete the form below to apply for an extension.

Logos Bible Software

Reformed Baptist Seminary has entered a partnership with Logos Bible Software where the seminary will require all incoming students to purchase a Logos “base package” of Bronze, Silver, Gold, or higher at a 50% discount.

Intent to Graduate

Please submit an intent to graduate form when you intend to graduate at the end of the current semester. Once we receive this form, we will run a degree audit and if everything looks as if you are on track to graduate, we will invoice you for a diploma fee and mail your diploma after your grades are finalized at the end of the semester.

Orientation video for counseling

If you are a new student in the Biblical Counseling program, please watch the orientation video below.