Nepal Training: Report on Module #3


RBS conducted its third theological training ministry in Nepal. This theological module focused on the Doctrine of Salvation Applied. The first part of that ministry consisted of two days of training in Kathmandu. The second part consisted in five days of training in Butwal. Below is a report from our two instructors, Pastors Jim Domm and John Price, as well as a report from a local church planter and coordinator, Sarvajit Gurung. Additionally, I’ve posted some pictures after the reports.

Report from Pastors Domm and Price

Thank you for praying for Pastor John Price and I as we recently traveled to Nepal. We taught two groups of pastors, church planters, and Christian workers. The first group of ten men met for two days (February 7th and 8th) at the Nepal Gospel Centre in the capital city of Kathmandu. We brought twelve lectures on The Application of Salvation. We covered the Ordo Salutis (the order in which the various elements of salvation are applied in the lives of individuals). These lectures were in English so we were able to cover a good amount of material.

Then we traveled to Butwal, where we taught the same subject to a group of fourteen men. This time there were 26 lectures over a period of five days (February 10th-14th) through translation. The two translators, Sarvajit and Dul, did an excellent job. Our brothers in Nepal were eager students. They peppered us with questions. We took a large number of books with us. The men were very happy to receive them. We were conscious of the Lord sustaining us, granting us health and strength, and blessing the ministry of the Word in answer to the prayers of His people.

We thank God for the work being done by the Nepal Gospel Centre in Kathmandu, and for the investment of Heartcry Missionary Society in the men in Butwal. We were well cared for by our brothers whom we have come to love very much. Please continue to pray for God’s blessing on all the RBS instruction, that God will use it to equip these men for gospel ministry.

Gratefully in Christ,
Jim Domm, Pastor of Englewood Baptist Church, Englewood, NJ
John Price, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Rochester, NY

Report from Sarvajit Gurung


Greetings in Christ our Lord. Praise God for His grace and mercy among our people. I am so thankful to the Lord as well as HeartCry & RBS prayers partners continue praying for the Gospel work in Nepal. I would like to share the recent RBS training in Nepal.

On Feb 10 to 15 we had RBS training on application of Salvation. This was our RBS third module. We 14 men joined this training. Brother Dul and myself were the translator for Pastor Jim Domm and John Price. On three main parts (Covenant of Redemption, History of Salvation and Order of Salvation) especially History of Salvation and Order of Salvation was mainly focused in our lecture classes. We were able to see the proper content of the Order of Salvation (Effectual Calling/Regeneration; Faith and Repentance; Justification; Adoption; The Gift of the HS; Sanctification; Communion with God; Assurance; Perseverance and Preservation; Glorification. Because lack of our time we were not able to cover Perseverance and Preservation. Just in surface we looked on this two content.

We were so deeply encouraged and able to see this glorious reality in the Gospel. This teaching was very systematic in a proper order. It was very helpful for us to learn this subject. The new thing we have learned in this training was Past Justification, Present Justification and Future Justification. Pastor Jim helped us to know this from book of Romans and book of James. Before learning this we have known Justification, Sanctification and Glorification. This is right but Past, Present and Future Justification was very new for all of us and we are very much blessed and encouraged from this biblical reality. Not only simply knowing all this truth but this teaching challenged us a pastor to preach the gospel to the people of God so that they may edify and grow in Christ likeness. Each day at morning 8:30 to 9:30 am we had exam. Altogether we did five exams which cover 75% our grade and 25% reading assignment on Wayne Grudem Systematic Theology and London Baptist Confession of Faith. The outlines notes are translated in Nepali, audio recording and video was taken during our class. This will help our men to revise their study again. They are revising their handouts and audio recording now.

We are so thankful to Reformed Baptist Seminary board and HeartCry Missionary Society allowing Pastor Jim and John in our meets sharing the unfolding truth to the hungry souls. We appreciate both RBS and HeartCry for your tremendous help for the gospel work in Nepal. So far we have finished three modules and it was wonderful and very helpful training for us. We are very excited and thankful to the Lord for this wonderful privilege to learn the deeper reality of the Gospel. I do assure that these trainings will bring a great impact for the churches in Nepal among this generation and future generations that the people might see the sound biblical churches which bring praise to God. Still there is long race to go ahead and we are continuously praying for the upcoming modules.

Please pray for upcoming training from 12 to 16 May 2019. We are going to have training on doctrine of Church. We are very excited to learn. May His Spirit move us to deeper truth for the edification of His Church and for His glory. Thank You!

In Him,