Church History Module in Bogotá

We would like to thank God for the completion of another theological module in Bogotá, Colombia as part of RBS's Marrow of Theology program. This fall Pastor Guillermo Gómez of lectured on the history of the church. We're happy to report that the Lord supplied the needed grace to Pastor Gómez and used the lectures to give the students a better grasp on Christ's activity in building his church. It was truly a time of instruction and praise for God's faithfulness to his people through the ages. 

The over forty students who attended the four-day module came from Bogotá and other nearby cities. They have persevered in completing over fifty-percent of the Marrow program and remain enthusiastic to finish the course. It's a joy to see not only the way in which the men are growing in their knowledge but also in the way in which they are striving to apply this knowledge to their ministries. 

We also give thanks to RBS for making for the Marrow program available in Colombia for the benefit of the churches.  Additionally, we want to express our appreciation to each church that has provided financial support for this program. Your prayers and support for modules like these are a great encouragement to the brothers in Colombia who are studying. And we hope that your investment will yield spiritual dividends in the years to come. 

God bless you brothers!

Sincerely yours,
Pastors Guillermo Gómez and Jorge Castañeda