Pray for Upcoming Training in Nepal


In just under two weeks, Pastors Jim Domm and John Price are traveling to Nepal on behalf of Reformed Baptist Seminary and HeartCry Missionary Society to teach Nepalese pastors, church-planters, and ministerial aspirants the doctrine of salvation applied. Below is a note from Pastor Domm and Price describing some of the details and goals of their upcoming ministry. We would greatly appreciate it if you could share this information with your church and bring these brothers and this ministry before the throne of grace!

Greetings in Christ! Would you please pray for John Price and me (Jim Domm) as we travel to Nepal? We will be there from February 7 until February 15 to bring theological instruction to Nepali pastors, pastor-trainers, and church planters. There will be two parts to our ministry there. First, we will team-teach a group of men in the capital city of Kathmandu for two days in English. This group will be made up of men who train pastors and thus influence hundreds of Nepali churches. Then we will travel by air to Butwal to team-teach a second group of men through interpretation from English to Nepali. This group will be made up of Heart Cry Nepali church planters.

Our task is to teach both groups the Doctrine of Salvation Applied. We will be covering the Ordo Salutis (the order in which various elements of salvation are applied in the lives of individuals). We plan to bring a streamlined version of this material to the men in Kathmandu. In Butwal twenty-six plenary sessions are scheduled over a period of five days.

As you are able, RBS, John, and I desire your prayers for the following:

  • For safe travel

  • For health and strength

  • For the blessing of the Spirit on the instruction and interpretation

  • For the blessing of God on the lives and ministries of the Nepali Heart Cry church planters and the other pastors we have opportunity to train

  • For the blessing of God on our families and churches in our absence

We thank you in advance for your intercession for us at the throne of grace. We are very much aware of our absolute dependence upon God for His blessing on this undertaking from start to finish (John 15:5).

Gratefully in Christ,

Jim Domm, Pastor
Englewood Baptist Church, Englewood, NJ

John Price, Pastor
Grace Baptist Church, Rochester, NY