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  • slideshowRBS brings theological instruction to the student to fit his schedule
  • wordpress sliderRBS offers courses in a condensed live modular format
  • responsive carouselRBS is overseen by local churches and exists to serve the church
  • jquery carouselRBS students are mentored by their own pastors
  • responsive carouselRBS affirms the 1689 Baptist Confession as its doctrinal standard
  • css sliderRBS is committed to maintain high academic standards
  • slider jqueryRBS provides theological education at a reasonable price
  • html slideshowRBS provides theological training outside the United States
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Reformed Baptist Piety - Michael Haykin

Reformed Baptist Seminary asked Dr. Michael Haykin to deliver three lectures on the practical piety exemplified in the teaching and practice of early English Baptists of the 17th and 18th centuries. In the first lecture, Dr. Haykin demonstrates how the 17th and 18th century Calvinist Baptists stressed the importance of the "means of grace" for promoting spiritual growth in the church. Baptist theologian Andrew Fuller's teaching on

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RBS Becomes an Affiliate Member of ARTS

The Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (ARTS) approved Reformed Baptist Seminary for the status of "affiliate member" on July 25 (see their news update here). As an affiliate member, RBS participates in and contributes to collegial and professional development activities of the Association, and is committed to the quality of education ARTS promotes. Affiliate status does not, however, constitute, imply, or presume ARTS accredited status at present or in the future. Even so, there are a number of benefits that come with affiliate status. These include the following ...

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Modern Trends in Missions - Trevor Johnson

Over the last several decades, the modern missionary movement has continued to undergo important changes and developments.  Any church or individual interested in missionary endeavor needs to understand these trends and assess them in light of biblical principle. In the lecture below, Professor Trevor Johnson highlights and evaluates some of the major trends in missions today.

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