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The Hermeneutics of the Emergent Church

Pastor Mark Chanski serves as a professor of biblical studies for Reformed Baptist Seminary and teaches the seminary’s course on hermeneutics (i.e., the science of interpretation). In the spring of 2014, Mark gave a special lecture on the Hermeneutics of the Emergent Church (see below). Chanski demonstrates how earlier neo-orthodox and existential ideas that predominated the academia in the early and mid-twentieth century gave rise to post-modern thought, which in turn found its way into the church.

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Tribal Missions: Free Lecture

Trevor Johnson and his wife, Teresa, are both registered nurses, and they serve a remote tribal group in the Papua region of eastern Indonesia. Trevor served five years as an active-duty army officer, is a grad of Reformed Theological Seminary, and is a candidate for the Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss.) from Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary. He was ordained and sent out by his sending authority of Bible Baptist Church in Saint Louis and partners with Heartcry Missionary Society. In the lecture below,

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2015 Summer Seminar: Man & Sin

Reformed Baptist Seminary invites you to attend our 2015 summer theological seminar on the doctrine of man and sin. Pastor Gregory G. Nichols, professor of systematics for RBS, will deliver 30 lectures that will expound such topics as the origin, identity, and constitution of man, as well as man's fall into sin, the nature and consequences of sin, and the doctrine of common grace. Additionally, Dr. Bob Gonzales will give 5 lectures on the topics of Genesis and Science, the Creation Days, and the Historicity of Adam. Grace Immanuel Reformed Baptist Church of Grand Rapids will host the seminar, which begins Saturday, August 29, and ends Friday, September 4.

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