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  • slideshowRBS brings theological instruction to the student to fit his schedule
  • wordpress sliderRBS offers courses in a condensed live modular format
  • responsive carouselRBS is overseen by local churches and exists to serve the church
  • jquery carouselRBS students are mentored by their own pastors
  • responsive carouselRBS affirms the 1689 Baptist Confession as its doctrinal standard
  • css sliderRBS is committed to maintain high academic standards
  • slider jqueryRBS provides theological education at a reasonable price
  • html slideshowRBS provides theological training outside the United States
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Graduate Profile: Scott Kingsolver, MTS

For most of my life, faith was never more than a therapeutic way of thinking and feeling. Though raised in a Christian home, it wasn’t until in 2003 (my freshman year at the University of Oklahoma) that God began stirring my heart in a powerful way. There, I met believers who burned with an authentic fire for Jesus. Through a series of sermons and presentations of the Gospel, it became clear that I had never before fully understood the Gospel. One of the most defining moments in my memory was the realization that I was a sinner who needed a forgiveness that was only found in Christ through his death, life and resurrection.

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Report on Ethics Module in Bogota

I had the great privilege of teaching Christian Ethics to a group of over 40 men in Colombia last week, August 26th through the 29th, 2014. This was the 12th of a 14 module program that RBS offers to Colombian pastors, as well as men training for the ministry. The program is called The Marrow of Theology and Reformed Baptist Seminary, together with Facultad Teologica Bautista (a ministry of Iglesia Bautista Gracia Soberana, Bogota Colombia), organize these modules which take place in a country estate located in Chinauta, about 2 hrs SW of Bogotá. Our time together was wonderfully blessed of God.

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Still Time to Register for Hebrews Seminar!

On the week of September 29 - October 3, Grace Baptist Church of Taylors will host RBS's seminar on the Book of Hebrews. Pastor Robert Martin (PhD) will provide an exegetical and biblical-theological survey of the epistle with emphasis not only on its major themes and difficult passages but also on the rabbinical method of exposition used by the author. The grand theme, of course, is the supremacy of Christ in the saving work of God. Melchizedek and much, much more! For more information click here.