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  • slideshowRBS brings theological instruction to the student to fit his schedule
  • wordpress sliderRBS offers courses in a condensed live modular format
  • responsive carouselRBS is overseen by local churches and exists to serve the church
  • jquery carouselRBS students are mentored by their own pastors
  • responsive carouselRBS affirms the 1689 Baptist Confession as its doctrinal standard
  • css sliderRBS is committed to maintain high academic standards
  • slider jqueryRBS provides theological education at a reasonable price
  • html slideshowRBS provides theological training outside the United States
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Video Tour of the RBS Virtual Campus

Reformed Baptist Seminary offers students the option of completing a 32-credit Master of Theological Studies or 90+ credit Master of Divinity degree entirely online. The student can complete the coursework by logging into RBS's "Virtual Campus" where he can access the course syllabus and reading list, watch or listen to lectures, and take exams or submit reviews and papers. Recently, RBS upgraded its online virtual campus using Pathwright's learning management system. The twenty-three minute video below provides an overview of the new virtual campus' interface and features. As you'll see, Pathwright's LMS is intuitive and user-friendly, making online learning easy and enjoyable.

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Graduate Profile: Jeffrey Johnson, Master of Divinity

I was born in the small southern city of Easley, South Carolina. Some of my earliest memories of childhood surround Christ, the Church and the Bible. I made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at age 9 and was baptized shortly thereafter. As I began to grow into my teenage years it was apparent that I had no heart for Christ, His Word, and the concerns of His Church. My heart was filled with sin and my life was directed toward worldly pursuits. At age 14, through the influence of some young people who befriended me, I got involved in the youth group of the church. It was then that I guess you could say, I "rededicated my life" to the Lord.

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Graduate Profile: Wesley Tyler, Master of Theological Studies

I was born and raised in sunny Florida (where I still reside). I was not raised in a Christian home and my father died when I was only 12 years old. I was probably considered by many to be a decent person for the most part of my life even though I was in rebellion against God and lost without hope. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that the Lord would draw me to Himself and convert me in January of 2004. My sins were forgiven, and I was set free!

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