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  • responsive carouselRBS is overseen by local churches and exists to serve the church
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  • responsive carouselRBS affirms the 1689 Baptist Confession as its doctrinal standard
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Toward a Confessional Doctrine of the Church

In this three part lectures series below, Dr Tom Ascol expounds the doctrine of the church as set forth in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, and he draws out and applies many of the abiding principles that are relevant for the church in our day. These lectures are part of thirty lectures offered in the course HT 501 Creeds & Confessions.

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Dr Gonzales Teaches Doctrine of Scripture at the Reformed Seminary of Latin America

I recently had the privilege of delivering thirty lectures on the doctrine of Scripture at El Seminario Reformado de Latinoamerica (Reformed Seminary of Latin America), which is located in Medellín, Colombia. The seminary is under the oversight of La Iglesia Bautista Reformada "La Gracia de Dios" (The Reformed Baptist Church of God's Grace) in Medellin, as well as a board of directors that includes Dr Noé Acosta, the Executive Director of Gospel Through Colombia. The mission of the seminary (SLR) is to provide sound theological education to Spanish speaking pastors and ministeral aspirants and to promote revival and reformation among already existing evangelical churches throughout Latin America.

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Kevin DeYoung's The Hole in Our Holiness: A Review by Bill Streger

Kevin DeYoung’s The Hole In Our Holiness could not have come at a better time. In recent years, the Church has experienced a renewal of interest in reformed theology, and this has been a great blessing from the Lord. Rather than pursuing a ministry that eschews theological depth, many young pastors have embraced the theological tradition of the reformation with a renewed passion and vigor. Church members are laying aside doctrinal pabulum of many evangelical publishing houses and are beginning to plumb the depths of the Puritans, the Reformers, and the great pastors and evangelists who have gone before.

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