The PRTS Transfer Program is available to applicants who have been accepted into graduate programs at both RBS and Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS). Students who desire to continue their education after RBS are encouraged to consider this unique partnership with PRTS, since their programs are accredited by ATS. The student is not required to complete a degree at RBS, and may transfer a maximum of 20 pre-approved (below) credits to either a M.A. or M.Div. at PRTS.

PRTS Transfer Program Course List

Students May Take Any of the Below Courses, Transferring a Maximum of 20 Credits to a M.A. or M.Div. at PRTS*

  • ET 201 Greek I (3)**
  • ET 202 Greek II (3)**
  • ET 310 Old Testament Introduction (2)
  • ET 350 New Testament Introduction (2)
  • ET 300 Hermeneutics (2)
  • ET 320 OT Theology (1) and ET 360 NT Theology (1)
  • HT 400 Creeds and Confessions (2)
  • ET 401 Early Church (3)
  • ET 402 Medieval Church (3)
  • ET 403 Reformation Church (3)
  • ET 404 Modern Church (3)
  • ST 501 Apologetics (3)
  • ST 502 The Word (2)
  • ST 503 God & Decree (2)
  • ST 504 Man & Sin (2)
  • ST 505 Christ & Covenants (2)
  • ST 506 Salvation (3)
  • ST 508 The Church (2)
  • ST 509 Last Things (2)
  • ST 510 Ethics (2)
* A BA or BS is required for acceptance into the PRTS Transfer Program, as it is only available for students who simultaneously gain acceptance into a MA or MDiv program at PRTS and this graduate-level program at RBS. Please note that PRTS does not award the same amount of credits for each class as does RBS. The credit amounts indicated on this page (in parentheses) indicate the amount of credits that PRTS awards the student and apply only to the PRTS Transfer Program. Some of these same courses count for more credit by RBS in other RBS programs. PRTS will accept no more than 20 credits, and only from the courses listed above.
** If the student takes Greek I and II at RBS, he must pass a language placement exam at PRTS to be granted these 6 credits.