"The Biblical Covenants": The 8th Theological Module in Bogotá, Colombia

We thank God for his faithful provision that has made theological training accessible to Colombian pastors through the ministry of Reformed Baptist Seminary and its international training programWith God's blessing, we have completed the eighth theological module entitled "A Theology of the Covenants." Pastor Salvador Gomez of La Iglesia Biblical del Señor Jesucristo served as our instructor. The module was a great time for reunion and communion with the pastors of several cities in Colombia who are taking the program. We're always encouraged to see how the men's excitement renews each time they gather. Many of the men continue to testify of the spiritual and personal benefit they get in addition to the biblical training. They claim that fellowship with other pastors during this week of the module refreshes their lives and ministries, recharging them to continue working in their churches.

A total of 47 students from different parts of Colombia attended this module. Pastor Gomez's lectures were uplifting and presented clearly so that the group managed to assimilate the material easily. The topic was of great benefit to many of the students who have not had the opportunity to study this issue with the precision and biblical foundation as expounded by Pastor Gomez. Most students had only the vaguest idea about the covenants, which are of cardinal importance for the proper understanding of the plan of salvation and its execution in  history. The instructor showed his mastery of the subject. Pastor Gomez was pleased to be able to make a contribution to this group of students and indicated his willingness to continue helping when possible with the Marrow of Theology in Colombia. He said it was a very good experience for him.

For these reasons we remain grateful to the Lord for the blessing that has been given and the cooperation of RBS International in this project. We appreciate the support we've received from Dr. Robert Gonzales (RBS dean) and Pastor Robert Briggs (RBSI chairman), as well as the seminary overseers and supporting churches. We pray that God may impress a desire on the hearts of many Christians and churches to consider supporting this cost-effective program of theological training for pastors in Colombia for the edification of the church and for the glory of God.[1]

Your brothers in Christ,
Guillermo Gomez and Jorge Castañeda [2] 
[1] For information on how you may support the international training program, contact Pastor Robert Briggs (robbriggs1992@gmail.com). 
[2] This report has been translated from Spanish and edited for publication by Robert Gonzales. 


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