The 2011 Revised Divinity Curriculum

The Divinity program is a traditional theological curriculum designed for men who are preparing to serve as pastors, Bible teachers, church-planters, or foreign missionaries. RBS seeks to provide the student with a thorough theological education. To this end the seminary offers training in exegetical, historical, systematic, and practical theology. Recently, RBS redesigned its Divinity curriculum to accommodate those desiring the basics of a ministerial education as well as those wishing to pursue advanced degrees (Th.M., D.Min., Th.D., Ph.D.). The basic or core Divinity program has been streamlined and requires a minimum 85 credits. Students who plan to pursue an advanced degree and desire a weightier Divinity program can earn as much as 93 credits by taking the 3-credit version of certain 2-credit courses and/or by taking extra elective courses. Here’s a look at the new curriculum:

The student must complete the Divinity program within 8 years from the time of his enrollment. The normal prerequisite for enrollment in the Divinity program is completion of the Marrow program or 32 transferable credits of seminary level training earned elsewhere.