Graduate Profile: Wesley Tyler, Master of Theological Studies

I was born and raised in sunny Florida (where I still reside). I was not raised in a Christian home and my father died when I was only 12 years old. I was probably considered by many to be a decent person for the most part of my life even though I was in rebellion against God and lost without hope. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s that the Lord would draw me to Himself and convert me in January of 2004. My sins were forgiven, and I was set free!

Immediately upon conversion I began to witness and have a desire to study and preach the gospel. A few years later, my eyes began to be opened to the doctrines of grace, and I really felt the call to preach and for pastoral ministry. God has given me a hunger for his Word and to teach others from His Word.

Currently, I am serving in the leadership of my local church in various capacities including expositional preaching and counseling. My desire for the near future is to obtain a full-time ministerial position wherever the Lord calls me. My plans are to continue to work towards my M.DiV with Reformed Baptist Seminary.

The Lord has truly done a work of grace in my life. He has blessed me with a wife and a son. He has also brought me through many trials and I have seen His hand in the valleys of life. The Lord has blessed me tremendously in many ways.

One blessing is being able to attend Reformed Baptist Seminary. After obtaining my Master’s degree in a secular college in 2006 and my NANC/ACBC certification in 2012 I desired to go to seminary. I examined many seminaries and for numerous reasons Reformed Baptist Seminary was for me. The staff is wonderful and they have always been there for questions, concerns, and help. The curriculum is rigorous and edifying and yet flexible. RBS is committed to God’s Word and the sufficiency of that Word. They desire that the name of Jesus Christ be glorified. I would definitely recommend RBS for a thorough theological education.

I thank my wife, son, and church for all the prayers and support and mostly I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for seeing me through (Rom 8:28-30).

Wesley Tyler, M.T.S