Graduate Profile: Timothy Feathers, Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

I was born and raised in Ohio, and I have an older brother and a younger sister. I was raised in a religious home nominally attending a mainline denominational church. Like most, I viewed myself as a ‘good person’ and was trusting in my own righteousness. Upon graduating high school I went to college and received an Associates Degree from Lima Technical College in Law Enforcement and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Bowling Green State University in Criminal Justice. My wife, Tonya and I were married during my junior year and upon graduation moved from Ohio to Wyoming. I began working for the Powell Police Department and it was here that I met a young prosecuting attorney who witnessed to me and took me to church. At the same time my wife was working for a dentist who was witnessing to her. Through the witness of these faithful brothers and the preaching of the gospel both my wife and I were saved within weeks of each other. 

The Lord has blessed us richly over these intervening 30+ years. We have 9 children and 9 grandchildren. In December 2011 I retired from the Powell Police Department after 30 years of service, the last 13 as Chief of Police. We have been members of Trinity Bible Church since its inception in 1995 and I have served as an elder since 1997. It was in the early years of TBC that I came to the Doctrines of Grace. It was within a few years of serving as an elder that I found the need for further equipping in order to be able to serve Christ’s church in the capacity I had been called. In 2005 I enrolled in RBS on what one pastor (humorously) called the ‘Moses plan’. I attended each live module I could and completed distance courses as I was able. However with a large family, demanding work responsibilities and an on-going ministry in the local church; the progress was slow. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of RBS has allowed me to steadily pursue the equipping I need to be a profitable servant to Christ’s church. The depth of theology and the pastoral application of truth has been a blessing to me. The teaching has been rich and the fellowship edifying. The pastor-theologians who labor in teaching at RBS do so in a way that conveys the vibrant and compassionate shepherd’s heart combined with the precision of sound doctrine.

With my retirement from police work I am now able to devote more time to ministry. The Lord has used my vocation over the years to develop an administrative skill set that I am now able to use in the church to support our elders and deacons and bring further organization to the growing ministries of the church. I am seeking to take on an increasing teaching ministry in the church and opportunities to disciple men. I continue to contribute to my vocational field as a part time Executive Officer for the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, an adjunct instructor at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in their leadership development programs and as an adjunct faculty member at Northwest College in the Criminal Justice program. 

Timothy Feathers