Graduate Profile: Scott Kingsolver, Master of Theological Studies

For most of my life, faith was never more than a therapeutic way of thinking and feeling. Though raised in a Christian home, it wasn’t until in 2003 (my freshman year at the University of Oklahoma) that God began stirring my heart in a powerful way. There, I met believers who burned with an authentic fire for Jesus. Through a series of sermons and presentations of the Gospel, it became clear that I had never before fully understood the Gospel. One of the most defining moments in my memory was the realization that I was a sinner who needed a forgiveness that was only found in Christ through his death, life and resurrection.

After accepting the Lord as my Savior, I too burned with an unquenchable thirst for Jesus and spent the remainder of my collegiate years discovering who God was and studying this new-found faith. Minoring in Religious Studies further deepened this faith, and I learned how to discern worldly philosophies and counterfeit theologies against the word of God. Finding a church with sound theological doctrine became increasingly important to me, and several churches and ministries have been a blessing in that area.

With college graduation in sight, I was hit with the all-familiar inevitable weight of vocation. I had spent four years studying Media Communication, and yet the world of TV News no longer sounded palatable. The Lord had changed my heart and was leading me down a new path.

Through this process, I discovered an undeniable passion to see people find Christ and grow in relationship and intimacy with him. Those closest to me also confirmed that I would be well suited in ministry leadership, and excel in a pastoral role through gifts of teaching and shepherding.

Over the next 5 years I was blessed to be able to serve as a Student Pastor at different churches, and was able to minister to different kinds of students and their families, gaining a great perspective on what it means to help someone grow in discipleship.

Within that time, God moved in a miraculous way and brought my wife and I together. We were married in 2011 and aside from my salvation, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

While working on the MTS at Reformed Baptist Seminary, I transitioned into a different kind of role, serving churches working with Salem Church Products. We help equip churches with different resources, with teaching material, curriculum, media and music. It has been a blessing to be able to speak with churches all around the world and help them learn how to more effectively use media to reach their members and others in their community with the Gospel of grace.

Our hope for the future is to listen to the Lord’s calling and to follow Him faithfully. Whatever ministry ends up looking like, my time with RBS has sharpened me more than I ever could have hoped. The quality of instruction and rigor of study is a resource I will hold onto through my life. I would recommend RBS to anyone looking to gain an excellent theological education.

Scott Kingsolver, MTS
Graduate of Reformed Baptist Seminary