Graduate Profile: Paul Thomas, Diploma of Theological Studies

I was born in California in a Christian home with a father who was a pastor and a godly mother who sought to raise us in the fear of the Lord. When I was a teen we moved to Wyoming because my dad was called to pastor a church. As a boy, I grew up being self-righteous and oblivious to my own sin and need for a savior. By His grace, God showed me my sin and brought me to Himself.
Since attending a community college and Pensacola Christian College, God has radically changed my desires. I grew up despising education and reading books, but after college I found myself reading some pretty solid theology and actually liking it. With that desire also came a desire to preach and teach the word of God to others. About the same time I met my beautiful and godly wife Christa. God has since blessed us with three daughters, Ariana(5), Selah(4), and Rebekah(2).
A few years ago I approached the elders of our church to share with them my desire to be in the ministry.  They asked me to consider quitting my job and attending RBS full time while working a part time job to help ends meet. Through the generosity of God's people, I have been able to attend RBS at very little personal expense. I have found all of my studies at RBS to be firmly rooted in sound theology but never removed from the realities of practical ministry in a local church context. This has been very helpful to me because I have studied theology on my own in the past but have not had the body life experience to understand how what we believe determines how we do ministry.
We continue to pray that God will direct us; we are seeking opportunities to serve Him by serving His church. At the same time, I am leading our college ministry and teaching and preaching as the opportunities arise. Please join us in prayer as we seek to know God's will.
~ Paul Thomas