Graduate Profile: Oskar Arocha, Master of Divinity

I am the second son to Pastor Oscar Arocha of Iglesia Bautista de la Gracia in Santiago,Dominican Republic. By the mercy of the Lord, I came to know Jesus at the young age of four, at the same time as my wife Patricia who was six years old. When the teenage years came, life in Christ was turbulent and only by the grace of Jesus I was kept from falling away into great worldliness. But after the toughest years had gone bye and as I was close to finishing an agronomical engineering degree and getting married to beautiful Patricia, I testified with the same words I still use today:

I believe Jesus saved me when I was four, even though videos of my life as a teenager might say differently. But that doesn’t matter, for through the Spirit of Christ and grounded in the blood and finished work of Christ on my behalf, today I am sure that I am His and He is mine forever.

I married Patricia, finished my agronomical engineering, a masters degree in applied economics (Clemson University), and fathered three great girls now age 11 (Sara), 9 (Nicole) and 8 (Mia). Then, together with a full time job, with the help of RBS, I finished a Masters in Theological Studies and then a Master of Divinity degree. 

I serve as Profesor of Doctrine of Salvation in Academia Ministerial de la Gracia inSantiago, and of Greek and Graphical Exegesis in Instituto Integridad & Sabiduria in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I also have a job as CFO of a retail business in Dominican Republic. Together with my wife Patricia, I have two evening bible studies for business professionals and owners who are looking to know Jesus.

My greatest aspiration is to make known the name of King Jesus, serving Him as a husband, father, employee, evangelist, pastor and teacher.  

~ Oskar Arocha
Graduate of Reformed Baptist Seminary, M.T.S.; M.Div.