Graduate Profile: Joshua Jonas, M.T.S.

I was brought to a saving knowledge of Christ in 1998. I was raised in a Christian home, my father being a Reformed Baptist pastor; I was engulfed in an atmosphere of learning and knowledge, as I was taught to always further my growth and knowledge of the Scriptures. I always had a love for learning the Word of God from an early age, and once the Lord saved me my thirst for knowing Him increased exponentially. In my teen years, I had a great passion for evangelism, and although I knew the Lord was calling me to preach, I resisted for fear of ridicule and not living up to the high expectations that were put upon me. Yet, my gift for preaching and teaching was obvious, and it took some extraordinary events in university through opportunities in different speaking engagements, and the testimony of those who witnessed my messages, to give me the wakeup call I needed to give my life to full Christian service  as a pastor. 

I now serve as a Pastor/Staff Associate Elder of the ECBM Baptist Circuit of Churches, Co-Resident Elder at the Tyrells Baptist Church and Chaplain/Bible Instructor at the Baptist Academy of Antigua at the East Caribbean Baptist Mission. 

My studies at the Reformed Baptist Seminary have truly been invaluable. I thank the Lord for exposing me to such rich, godly, reformed teaching. I have deeply appreciated the emphasis on providing a variety of affordable avenues and methods for giving any man called to preach a solid education. May God continue to bless RBS to equip men for the furtherance of the gospel and the glory of God. 

~ Joshua Jonas, Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)