Audio Podcast with Greg Nichols

Last month Pastor and Professor Greg Nichols gave thirty lectures on the Doctrine of the Church for Reformed Baptist Seminary. These lectures have been edited and are available on the RBS Virtual Campus as part of our theological curriculum. While I had the opportunity, I interviewed him on the topic of the church and on his recently published monograph entitled Covenant Theology: A Reformed and Baptistic Perspective. Some of the questions I asked him included ...

1. What is distinct about a Reformed and Baptist ecclesiology?
2. How do you approach the study of ecclesiology in your course?
3. When in redemptive history did the church of Christ come into being?
4. What is the biblical basis for formal membership in a local church?
5. What would you say to people who've become disillusioned with the local church?
6. What makes your book on the biblical covenants both Reformed and also Baptist?

To listen to the interview click the link below (right click to download audio): 

RBS Audio Podcast: Greg Nichols on the Church and the Covenants


~ Bob Gonzales, Dean
Reformed Baptist Seminary