Training in Nepal: Summer Report

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful to the Lord for the work that He has been accomplishing among our brethren. Your prayers and support have been helping Nepali pastors in their ministry. We have completed five modular training sessions thus far: the doctrine of Scripture, principles of Bible interpretation, the doctrine of salvation applied, the doctrine of church, and, most recently, church planting and missions. These modules have deepened our understanding of biblical truth and have helped us in our practical life and ministry. Below is a report of our last module.

On August 11 to 15, we had brother Chris trained us in "Church Planting & Mission." He is a humble, experienced missionary who provide us with biblical and practical instruction according to an Asian cross-culture context. This module featured 30 lectures. Brother Chris started with an introduction to missions. He considered missions and church planting as two sides of the same coin. We cannot separate them.

He expounded the topic of missions from the covenantal perspective of the Old Testament as well as from the book of Acts and Epistles of the New Testament. His treatment of the great commission from Matt 28:18-20 "Go and Make Disciple to all Nations" was very encouraging to us. His teaching on discipling and sending missionaries from a local church was a very challenging for us. His stress on the importance of raising leaders in the local church was very important for our men as well. Learning from missionary method of Paul as well as cross culture mission work was also excellent topic for us.

There is so much to say but I cannot write in details. We have received practical truth that helped us a lot. We all are in the mission field pastors and missionaries in different geographical location of Nepal. Through this training we were able better to see our weakness over our unbiblical methods and principle. This was very eye opening for all of us. We praise God for this training and our guest speaker who gave his precious time and energy to serve us. It is not easy to stand and teach six to seven hours a day!

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We are so thankful to brother Chris sending his notes earlier and brother Dul was able to translate them. We appreciate brother Dul and his hard work in translating all the notes that help our students to follow the teacher. The translation notes are excellent and those copies will help us to look back again and again.

Thank God for this training as He helped every one of us to sit and study together. Thank God that brother Chris remained healthy throughout the module. We give thanks to the RBS board members and faculty who pray for us and who sent brother Chris to train us. Thank you to HeartCry Missionary Society for their prayers and financial support for this training. And thanks to all the friends and prayer partners for your great contributions for the gospel work in Nepal. I do believe we all will have great reward in heaven as we are laboring together for His kingdom. Praise to our God!

In Him,
Sarvajit Gurung