2019 Spring Report

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Reformed Baptist Seminary will complete fourteen years of ministry this spring. Since our inception in May 2005, we have had the privilege of helping dozens of local congregations train gospel laborers. Our online format allows students to stay in their church under the oversight and mentorship of their own pastors. The student does not need to relocate and can remain an asset to his local church. Additionally, the online campus provides a more flexible format and affordable education than traditional seminaries. While the traditional model of seminary training may fit the needs of some better than RBS, we believe we are filling an important niche. Finally, none of this would be possible without the prayers and financial support of individuals and churches that believe in church-based theological training. Thank you!


Over 100 students are currently enrolled in one of our seven degree programs. Since our inception in 2005, sixty-five students have finished the smaller Marrow of Theology program and seventeen students have successfully completed the larger Divinity program. Our most recent graduates include Andrew Ardern (MTS), Martin Medina (MTS), Joshua Holder (DTS), Michael Nielsen (MTS), Trey Egan (MTS), John White (MTS), and René Pomerleau (MTS). You can find their graduate profiles in the “News and Articles” section on the homepage of our website.



Last year RBS transitioned from a stand-alone Learning Management System (PathWright) to a full-orbed College Management System (Populi) to better service our growing student body. We are extremely glad we made that decision! Populi has provide us with a system that integrates student information, coursework, grades, and financial information in one place. This has enabled us to eliminate extra and unnecessary administrative steps and to better service our students. The students have acclimated well to Populi’s built-in LMS, where they access lectures and submit assignments. The fact that Populi is used by many theological schools and colleges should enhance the transferability and recognition of RBS coursework and programs.


We have decided to continue using PathWright as a platform for our auditors. Furthermore, we have chosen to remove the $10 course audit fee and to make the courses available to the public free of charge. You may want to consider using some of our course lectures to disciple members in your congregation or to introduce men aspiring to pastoral ministry to theological education. You can browse our selection of available courses here: https://rbs.pathwright.com/library/. What’s more, the new Path App brings all the courses onto an IOS mobile device so that the lectures can be accessed places where WIFI is not available.


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This February RBS offered a module on Medieval Church History in Sacramento, California. Dr. Michael Haykin and Pastor Robert Elliott served as the lecturers, and they focused on certain key figures and their piety (such as Patrick and Anselm) as well as movements of dissent (such as the Waldensians and the Lollards). These lectures together with six lectures on Thomas Aquinas by Dr. Scott Oliphint now constitute the foundation for our updated course HT 402 Medieval Church. We will make all the audios and videos available to the public this summer on our PathWright campus.

This September RBS will offer a two-day mini-module entitled “Linguistics, Bible Translation & Hermeneutics” on September 19 and 20. We have asked Dr. Mark Ward to show how a proper understanding of linguistics and Bible translation philosophy enhances one’s understanding of the process of Bible interpretation. Mark currently works for Logos Bible Software and serves as an Academic Editor at Lexham Press, the publishing imprint at Faithlife. This module will be hosted in Sacramento, California and is open to students, graduates, and auditors. You can find more information here.

In May of next year (2020) we plan to offer a five-day module on Ethics in Coconut Creek, Florida at Emmanuel Baptist Church. More information is forthcoming.


RBS has partnered with Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary to offer the PRTS Transfer Program. This academic program is available to applicants who have been accepted into graduate programs at both RBS and PRTS. Students who desire to continue their education after RBS are encouraged to consider this unique partnership with PRTS, since their programs are accredited by the Association of Theological Schools. The student is not required to complete a degree at RBS, and may transfer a maximum of 20 pre-approved credits to either a Master of Arts or Master of Divinity at PRTS. For more information click here.



In 2018 RBS partnered with HeartCry Missionary Society to offer a three-year theological training in Butwal, Nepal. The students here are currently serving as church planters or pastors. Additionally, we are offering some instruction to a group of men in Kathmandu.

The program kicked off with Pastors Nick Alford and Doug Van Dorn teaching the Doctrine of Scripture. This was followed by Bible Interpretation taught by Pastor John Reuther in November. Then Pastors Jim Domm and John Price tag-teamed to lecture on the Doctrine of Salvation Applied in February of this year. We have received encouraging feedback on all three modules. Here are excerpts from three of the testimonies of the church-planters attending the most recent module:

In this month I have got the privilege to receive the RBS training. Pastor Jim and Pastor John … taught on the order of salvation. I have gained a deeper understanding of some these doctrines; others were new for me. I am planning to teach the work of salvation and the order of salvation in coming days. God may use me to equip those believers in the Lord and may able to make them strong in Christ. ~ Khem

Through this training I am deeply moved in God’s truth, and I am convinced that I have nothing to boast about for my salvation because it is the gift of God…. Thanks to HeartCry and also to the brothers of RBS for teaching such truth which helps me to stand firm in Christ till my death. ~ Gopal

I would like to give thanks to HeartCry, RBS, and brothers Mr. Jim and Mr. John for their labors, equipping me in God’s words. I am privileged to learn more again in this training. Both brothers taught that the work of salvation is the marvelous work of God and He is the sovereign in it. What they taught was awesome. ~ Ram

Pastor George McDearmon and a Reformed Baptist missionary in the Far East will travel to Nepal in May to lecture on the Doctrine of the Church. Then, another Reformed Baptist missionary in the Far East will travel to Nepal in August to teach on church-planting and missions. We pray the Lord blesses these efforts as RBS continues in this strategic gospel partnership with HeartCry and with these Nepali pastors. If this multiyear training effort is something you would like to support or be more involved in, please contact us.


As a result of modular training in the mid-2000s, La Academia Ministerial de la Gracia (Grace Ministerial Academy) of Santiago, Dominican Republic was born. Every year, AMG screens applicants from various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and selects a limited number of students for its nine-month intensive training program. The program includes theological instruction and practical training. Once they complete the program, the students then return to their homes to serve in their local churches. Since 2008 AMG has graduated over 150 students. Dr. Bob Gonzales will travel to Santiago in June to teach a seminar on “Finding Christ in the Old Testament” and will officiate AMG’s eleventh graduating class.



How can RBS offer a ministerial education at such a reduced cost? Part of the reason lies in the fact that we are an online school. We do not need to charge the student to maintain the overhead expenses of building facilities and a resident faculty. Another part of the reason lies in the fact that RBS is partially supported by the generosity of local churches and Christians in local churches who see training gospel ministers as a vital component of the Great Commission. If you are interested in knowing more about our financial needs, please contact the seminary dean (dean@rbseminary.org). RBS is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. When donating, please indicate what fund you would like to contribute towards. For more information click here.