Graduate Profile: Massimo Cigoli, DTS


My name is Massimo Cigoli and I live in San Diego California with my wife Christine and our twin daughters Naomi and Joya. By God’s grace I was saved out of a man-made system of salvation (Roman Catholicism) and a deep mire of sin in which I delighted. After a few months of being regenerated, the Lord has providentially lead me to reformed teaching and in particular to Grace Bible Church San Diego where I now serve as a pastoral intern.

I have been blessed with faithful and loving leadership at this church that has allowed me to grow and begin teaching and serving in several capacities. I occasionally teach men’s Bible studies and preach at either our morning or evening service on the Lord’s Day. I also have the privilege to lead the evangelism team in different outreach efforts in San Diego.

As I was growing in the faith I began sensing a desire to deepen my knowledge of the Word of God and pursue a more formal training for the ministry. My pastor has suggested Reformed Baptist Seminary, which has been an absolute blessing to be part of. The online format allowed me to approach seminary studies without compromising my duties of husband, dad and church member. This flexibility paired with the solidity of the course of studies make RBS a great seminary option.

I am sincerely thankful to each and every teacher at RBS as well as to Dean Gonzales for their faithful work and preparation. My prayer is that the Lord would be pleased to use RBS to train and grow an ever greater number of men for His Church and that He would even use me for the work of the gospel. May God add many souls to His kingdom.

Soli Deo Gloria!
Massimo Cigoli