Graduate Profile: Jeremy Cooley

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My name is Jeremy Cooley. I reside in Wylie, TX with my wife Jami. We have two wonderful daughters, Jessica and Cayla, who are currently in college. We worship with the saints at Providence Church in Rowlett, TX. I have served the church in various capacities over the last decade - pastoring, preaching, and teaching. I have had the pleasure of teaching high school World History for a private, Christian school.

I would say that my conversion was unusual except that all conversions are unusual! They are supernatural acts of God in which wicked men, women, and children are given eyes to see and ears to hear the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. I suppose it was unusual to the friends and family that had watched me grow up to do a 180 and turn to the Lord as an adult. While I yearn to get those years of rebellion back sometimes, more often than not I am grateful and amused by the Lord’s timing in drawing me to him. It has afforded me many opportunities to share the gospel with old acquaintances always wanting a reason for the hope within me (1 Peter 3:15).

I discovered very early in my Christian life a desire to learn, and to learn a lot. I became a voracious reader of the Bible and any Christian book I could get my hands on. Providentially, though I was in an Arminian church, our gracious Father was steering me towards a Reformed understanding of Scripture. In hindsight, I can say that John 3 made me a Calvinist before I knew there was a John Calvin!

The more I read, the farther back into history I went. Reading City of God was a watershed moment in my life. Here was a sinner saved later in life transformed into a theological giant with an remarkable ability to understand his culture in light of God’ Word. Now, I am not saying that my goal is to be the next Augustine! But I was encouraged by how much he had learned and how much influence he had and still has. All this with a fraction of a fraction of the vast libraries of manuscripts and translations of Scripture, or all of the theological works of the church history...all accessible on a device that fits in our pocket. Augustine taught me that there was no excuse for not pursuing Christ with all of my mind.

And so I began formal training, first through Liberty University online where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science (Religion). I then sought a seminary from which I could pursue an advanced degree. I don’t recall how exactly I discovered Reformed Baptist Seminary (sovereignty granted) but am so thankful that I did. There were other online options available, but I knew that I wanted one that aligned with my own doctrines. RBS ended up meeting and exceeding any expectation I had for online seminary. On a practical level, the seminary allowed me to continue to work full-time and serve in my local church while attending seminary at my own pace. The classes are taught by stellar scholars and pastors. These men are godly, wise, and gifted teachers passionate about God’s Word and his people. I can’t say enough about the depth and breadth of the lectures and courses. The course notes alone are worth the tuition cost. They have been a huge blessing to me and no doubt will continue to aid me for years to come. The recommended readings have expanded my understanding in so many areas. And the writing assignments have helped me become better thinker and writer. Most of all, the Lord has used RBS to create in me a greater love for God as he is revealed through his Word and preminitely in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For that, I will always be grateful.

Jeremy Cooley, MTS