Graduate Profile: Maksim Guseynov, D.T.S.

My name is Maksim Guseynov, I am married to Julia, and we have three children named Alex, Aviel, and Kamryn. Julia and I are members of Immanuel Baptist Church of Sacramento. 

By the grace of God I was raised by two parents who professed Christ, and who sought to raise me and my brother in the fear and admonition of the Lord. At the age of 15 I repented of my sin and turned to the Lord. By the grace of God I was delivered from the domain of darkness and transferred to the kingdom Jesus Christ. I was baptized six months later and became a member at the 1st Slavic Baptist Church of Sacramento. That same year I started the first of three yearly tips to Siberia to assist missionaries in their efforts to spread the gospel in remote parts of Russia. Also, from the age of 17-20 I was involved in youth ministry until I resigned my membership in 2010.

Shortly after Julia and I got married we joined Immanuel Baptist Church of Sacramento. In my first year at Immanuel I started and finished a two-year Basic Training program that consisted of weekly lectures and homework on the subjects of church history, as well as biblical, systematic, and pastoral theology. After the two-year Basic Training program I started and completed a three-year Pastoral Assistant position that included involvement in ministry as well theological training through the Reformed Baptist Seminary. During the three-year Pastoral Assistant program I also completed a parallel nine-month internship centered on church polity.

I'm currently tasked with overseeing the Youth ministry as well as other miscellaneous involvement in ministry.

Your brother in Christ,
Maksim Guseynov