Graduate Profile: Micah Perry, D.T.S.

I was saved by grace eight years ago at age seventeen. After graduating high school the following year, I began working at Solid Ground Christian Books. I still work there as the assistant manager, and have been involved with the publication of over 100 titles, including some authored by faculty members of Reformed Baptist Seminary. 

After graduation, I also helped my father build his music studio on our property and was studying audio engineering and instrumentation when I began to sense that music was not the medium God wanted me to use to proclaim His glory. I studied under my pastor, Mark Liddle, for about a year before enrolling in RBS in the fall of 2013. 

I am grateful to RBS for offering seminary studies that can taken while working, occasionally teaching in the church and witnessing in the community. I have a burden for urban missions and long to see the kingdom of God advanced here in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Micah Perry