Graduate Profile: Brian Baldemor, D.T.S.

I'm a husband, father (to three boys), and a PNBA pro athlete. I have a background in law enforcement and graduated valedictorian from the Northern Nevada Law Enforcement Academy, with top honors in defensive tactics. As a musician, I've also contributed to a compilation of independent musical projects over the years.

Ministry wise I've been involved in inner city missions working with transient youth in not only breaking bread with them, but teaching them to study and apply the Scriptures in their own lives. I've also been an adult Sunday School teacher and small group leader, and am currently a member of Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada.

Because my life and responsibilities are as full as they are, being able to study at RBS on an independent level has been a tremendous blessing. While the quality and comprehensiveness of the courses, which are richly rooted in the Reformed and Baptistic conviction that I hold to, has been both challenging and very rewarding.