2012 Spring Module in Colombia: "Salvation Accomplished"

We thank God for permitting us to complete another a module of the "Marrow of Theology" program. This time we 49 students received 21 hours of instruction on the topic "Salvation Accomplished" (Soteriology, Part 1). Oskar Arocha Jr., a graduate of Reformed Baptist Seminary, delivered the lectures, fielded questions, and interacted with the students one-on-one in order to help them understand what was taught. We're grateful for the time Oskar took away from this responsibilities to invest in this work.

The students as always showed great interest in the subject and actively participated. They took daily exams and strove diligently late into the night to study the material. They deeply appreciate all the benefit they receive through this program of Reformed Baptist Seminary. At this point the program, the group is better established and the communion and fellowship is becoming stronger. It reveals that the trust between them has grown and been able to form study groups and have established friendships with pastors who have served to support and encourage in their ministries. We believe this is another great contribution of the methodology of this program of theological studies, which is of great value in promoting genuine unity between churches--something needed in our context.

Leveraging this student interest, we are endeavoring to reinforce the teaching of each module. We try to review the subject matter from each section or topic and seek to resolve questions arising from the readings assigned to the student for each module. We have a 15 pastor-students from the city of Bogotá, who meet to study with us every week on Wednesday morning. This allows us to monitor each student's learning and ensure his compliance with the requirements for reading and writing. We pray that more students from the city to join this group, as there are other students who wanted to, but live outside the city.

Again we thank God that he has provided all things necessary to continue advancing this program for the building of the church in Colombia. We also thank all the churches and brothers through which God is carrying out this work for their keen interest and love for the Lord's church in Colombia. We also thank the Reformed Baptist Seminary and especially to Pastor Robert Gonzales always been close to us to ensure all things.

The Lord bless you and God alone the glory for these great blessings.

Guillermo Gomez and Jorge Castañeda