Our Partnership with Logos Bible Software

As an online distance learning seminary, RBS desires to equip its students with the best tools for doing biblical research and for writing quality papers or theses. To that end Reformed Baptist Seminary has a partnership with Logos Bible Software wherein the seminary will require all incoming students to purchase a Logos 8 “base package” of Bronze, Silver, Gold, or higher at a 50% discount and take a one-credit Logos Pro Training course for $50. The software is available for PC and Mac. 

Special Offer for RBS Students and Faculty Members

Logos offers the 50% discount to RBS students who purchase a base package (minimum Bronze) and and the Pro Training course. Current students that already own an earlier version of Logos (e.g., Logos 5 or 6) or a smaller base package may qualify for a 40% discount on an upgrade (see below) to Logos 8 Bronze or higher, provided that they agree to purchase the upgrade and take the course. 

To qualify for this partnership and discount, the seminary must purchase new base packages in bulk. New students must sign up to order the software and the training course (see below). RBS then places one bulk order before the beginning of the semester. After we place our order, Logos will email each student a link with instructions to download the software. Students will pay RBS directly and Logos will transfer the software license to the student after the student pays their invoice.

Attention New Students: complete the "Logos Software Signup" form below and choose a base package. You must also select the version you want, either “Standard,” "Reformed," or "Baptist.” To compare the packages and versions, visit the Logos comparison tool

When you sign up for the software, you'll also be committing to take the RBS course LT108: Logos Academic Training. Taking this course at RBS requires you to purchase the "Logos Pro Training LT 101-104" module as part of your Logos package (an additional $50). When you register for RBS LT108 in Populi (our online campus) and complete the sign-up form below, you will be invoiced within Populi for your package, your RBS tuition for LT108 and the Logos Pro Training LT 101-104 modules.

If you are a current student and you would like to take advantage of the 50% discount, you can also complete the below form. The same terms described above will apply to you. 

Upgrade Only Option

If you already own Logos and want to upgrade to one of the packages that we require for you to own as a RBS student (see above), you will order directly through Logos. Please still complete the form below and select "upgrade." You should then register for LT108 at RBS. After you enroll in LT108 at RBS and complete your sign-up form and finish our registration process, you will receive a student ID and then you can contact Logos directly to purchase your upgrade package. When you purchase your upgrade from Logos, you must also purchase their Logos Pro Training Course LT 101-104.

Software Signup

To qualify for this partnership and discount, the seminary must purchase new base packages in bulk. Thus, new students sign up for the software and training course, and RBS places one bulk order at the beginning of the semester and another bulk order in the middle of the semester. Upon receiving the order, Logos will email each student a link and instructions for downloading the software.

Please click the button below to complete the sign up form.

Software Payment

After you sign up, you will find an invoice to pay in your Populi account. You can pay by credit card within Populi, or you can mail us check. Credit card payments cost an additional 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Once the student pays the seminary for the software and Logos Pro Course, RBS will ask Logos to transfer the license to the student. When sending a check, please print your invoice and mail a copy with your check to the address on the invoice.