Lectures on Covenant Theology


Community Bible Church, Grace Community Church, and Reformed Baptist Seminary are co-sponsoring a series of one-day seminars on the subject of covenant theology. The first seminar was held at CBC in Reno, Nevada, on Friday, August 24, and consisted of five lectures and a Q&A session. Dr Bob Gonzales delivered the first lecture entitled "Covenant Theology Matters." He underscored the importance and relevance of covenant theology today. The second lecture featured Dr Brian Borgman and provided a survey of the major elements of classic covenant theology. This was followed by a lecture on modern developments in classic covenant theology. In the next lecture, Dr Gonzales highlighted the recent contributions of John Murray and Meredith Kline to classic covenant theology. Gonzales and Borgman tag-teamed for the fourth lecture. Gonzales spent a few minutes highlighting the initial recovery of Baptist covenant theology in the second half of the 20th century. Then Borgman gave a more extended presentation of 1689 Federalism and its retrieval in the last few decades. For the fifth lecture, Pastor Keller Hackbusch expounded Progressive Covenantalism. Finally, the three speakers fielded questions from the audience in a Q&A session. Audios of the lectures and photos of the seminar are provided below. Approximately 150 were in attendance and we are planning our next seminar for the early part of 2019. That seminar will focus on the Creation Covenant, otherwise known as the "Covenant of Works." More information is forthcoming.