Old Testament Introduction

  • Grace Bible Church 710 Garland Street Conway, AR, 72032 United States

Join us for a four-day seminar on Old Testament Introduction. Dr Bob Gonzales, author of Where Sin Abounds: The Spread of Sin and the Curse in Genesis (2010), will lecture on important issues related to the inspiration, canon, text, interpretation, central message, and abiding relevance of the Old Testament.

Grace Bible Institute of Conway, Arkansas will sponsor and host the module. The lectures will count for credit for students enrolled in GBI or for students enrolled in Reformed Baptist Seminary. Students can register on the GBI website or using the online form below. For more information, email Danny Thursby (dthursbyjr@gmail.com) or Robert Gonzales (dean@rbseminary.org). 

  • Lecture Schedule (forthcoming) 
  • GBI Course Syllabus (forthcoming)
  • RBS Course Syllabus (forthcoming)