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Graduate Profile: Jesse Boge, Diploma of Theological Studies (D.T.S.)

I was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I grew up on a small farm and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors. I have three brothers and three sisters. My parents took me to church most of my growing up years and faithfully did Bible reading and prayer with us at home. God saved me at age 12 and gave me a desire to be in the ministry at age 14. When I was 18, I went to a conservative Christian College and through a friend was introduced to the doctrines of grace. I rejoiced at what I saw as clear truth in the Word and started sharing it with my fellow students. After a year and a half at this college, I was feeling pressure from the leadership that I was not welcomed there anymore because of my beliefs in God’s sovereignty over salvation. Upon returning home, I took a position as an interim pastor of a dying church for four months. During that time, the Lord showed me how little I knew and that I needed much more training and knowledge of the Word before pursuing full-time ministry.

I began checking out opportunities online and came across Reformed Baptist Seminary. However, before I began, God providentially secured for me a wonderful wife, Heidi. She lived in Nevada and I soon moved to Nevada. Under God’s supreme design, He placed us in a wonderful church: Community Bible Church. We have attended there for almost 5 years now. One year after we were married, God gave us a stewardship, our first daughter. It was at this time that I started studies with Reformed Baptist Seminary. RBS allowed me to keep my priorities straight--God, my family, and studies. Because of RBS’ affordability, we were able to make it financially as well. I deeply appreciated the depth of learning provided by them. This was a refreshing experience. I want to continue growing in my knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and plan for now to continue my theological education toward the Bachelor of Divinity degree with RBS.

In the mean time, I am eager to find a place to serve the Lord full-time. I strongly feel the Lord has given my wife and me a heart for missions. We are gathering information on possible opportunities and will be seeking the Lord’s will through prayer and our elders counsel.

Currently, the Lord has given my wife and me many opportunities to serve in our local church. Both of us are gifted in music. I play the piano and am learning the guitar. She plays the piano and is learning the flute. She has a beautiful voice as well. I have been given the privilege to call God’s people to worship, do announcements, teach children’s church, lead Vacation Bible School, and help start evangelistic ministries in our community. I also take my calling as a Shepherd to my family seriously and have grown in faithfully teaching my wife and little ones, Rachel (almost 3) and Abigail (almost 1) the Word. God has been so good to us; therefore, we anticipate sharing His goodness with others.

~ Jesse Boge