You may apply throughout the year. Moreover, an applicant, if accepted, may enroll within the first five weeks of a twenty-week semester. Applicants accepted after that time will have to wait until the following semester to enroll. To check the academic calendar click here.

When we receive your application, the dean will contact you and set up a time for a phone or video interview. After your interview, the dean will contact your pastor to confirm his approval of your enrollment and his willingness to serve as your mentor-proctor. If your application is approved, the dean will notify you and provide you with the steps for paying your enrollment fee and registering for your courses. 

The Steps of Application

application checklist

  1. Read the current student handbook (see below).

  2. Complete the time-budget worksheet in Appendix B of the handbook to ascertain how many hours per week on average you can devote to your studies. Please discuss this with your mentor and your spouse, and be prepared to discuss this during your interview.

  3. Have official transcripts sent to the following address:
    Reformed Baptist Seminary
    PO Box 8963
    Sacramento, CA 95818

  4. If you’re an international student and English is your second language, take the TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The required score for the Internet based version of the exam is 94 or higher. The exam can be taken online through Educational Testing Services.

  5. Read one or more of these online articles:
    B. B. Warfield, The Religious Life of Seminary Students
    John Frame, Studying Theology as a Servant of Jesus
    John Frame, Learning at Jesus Feet: A Case for Seminary Training

  6. Start your application via the link below. You will be prompted to pay your $30 application fee when you submit your application.

  7. In your application, you will provide 3 family members and/or friends of your choosing, to whom we will send Personal Reference forms.

  8. Download the Mentor-Proctor handbook (below) and send it to the pastor who will serve as your mentor and proctor.

  9. In your application, you will provide your pastor's contact information, to whom we will send a Pastoral Recommendation form.